Mama Lucee – A Woman DOWNLOAD [mp3 + Lyrics]

An anointed Nigerian multi-award winning gospel artist, Lucy Awe Peters commonly known as Mama Lucee releases a brand new hit Reggae song titled “A Woman“.

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LYRICS: “A Woman” by Mama Lucee

Oh hu ya eh

[Chorus 1]

It’s so wonderful to be, to be a woman (2×)

Huuu to be, to be be a woman

It’s beautiful to be, to be a woman

Huu to be , to be a woman

Here in God’s Kingdom ye ah ai ai ai

Here in God’s Kingdom ye ah

Chorus 2.

She is so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful o

She is so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful o


She is just a mystery.

My God made her so, yes she just a mystery eh eh

yeah, my God made her so, to meet a need

In the Land. Yes He made her so,

to meet a Need in the Land.

She is a wife

She is sister

She is a daughter

She is a mother

She is a worker

She is a helper

She is a judge

She is a Lawyer

And a comforter.

(Chorus 1)

My God made her so,

To meet a need yeah

The need of Love

Yes. He made her so, woman you

Are Just a mystery.

Oh oh oh ye ai

Oh oh oh ye ai

Please don’t be a sinner, loving vanities,

Mi kiant be a killer, for we are meant

To give life.

Shine your light for all to see, let every one

(All chorus) shine your light for all to see (3x)

miss you when you fly,

shine your light

For all to see, let every one miss you when

You fly,

shine your light for all to see, let everyone miss

You when you fly, when you fly away,

Let everyone miss you.

(Chorus 2)

Your just a mystery, our God made you so,

Yes your just a mystery eh eh

Oh oh God, here we are, still desperate for you,

looking out to see more of you

And to see more of your glory,

Lord make us whole again

And restore your love, because your kingdom is now.

Lord restore, restore your peace again, because your kingdom is now. Lord restore, restore faith,

Restore strength, restore because your kingdom is now, because your kingdom is now.

Let every pain go, let depression go, let hypocrisy go, let unrighteousness go let sorrow go.

Repeat Chorus : 1 ( 4×)

Repeat chorus : 2

In every generation,

And every Nation,

In every generation ye

You are a just a mystery,

Your still a mystery.


Download mp3

Mama Lucee Biography:
Lucy Awe Peters, is a gifted songwriter and gospel recording artist for the past 20yrs

with seven gospel albums to her credit, Mama Lucee was recently awarded the Best Female Reggae Gospel Musician Award 2017 by ELANZA NEWS, Nigeria.

She is the coordinator of the “Reggae, God, and Souls” (RGS CONCEPT) team – the official organizers of the Abuja Reggae Fire concerts, aimed at taking the gospel of Christ through music to the world of Reggae music lovers many of whom are unsaved.

She is currently completing her eighth album project work in Jamaica titled NEW HEIGHTS featuring popular Jamaican gospel artistes Lieutenant Stitchie, and Jo-Ann Richards. This album is slated for release in July 2018.

In 1995, MamaLucee had a divine encounter that changed her life and music forever causing her to love outreaches, crusades and soul wining activities

She is an ordained minister with the Realm of Glory International Church in Abuja, Nigeria. Mama Lucee has a deep passion for Christ and His Kingdom, and is also a preacher and counselor

As an acclaimed Nigerian artiste Mama Lucee considers herself an evidence of God’s grace who is not just an artist in the music industry but also there as one engaged in the discipleship of others to live for Christ by the Spirit of God..

The six song EP version of Mama Lucee’s upcoming New Heights album was launched in Jamaica in December 2017, and has been creating a buzz on radio stations in Abuja, Nigeria.

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