Stanis Ebuka – Favour – [Download Mp3 + Lyrics]

Stanis Ebuka is a talented singer and stage performer. He’s out with his very first single titled FAVOUR.

Favour By Stanis Ebuka

In this track Stanis Ebuka want us to know that when the grace and mercy of God is on you then surely men, kings, and nations will FAVOUR you…

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Lyrics: Favour By Stanis Ebuka

Okaka ke bin igwe
You shower me with blessings,
You no dey look my sins ehhh
You make grace my best friend
and you show me mercy
and you round am up chaii with favour oh
I dey go I dey come back
Na because you gat my back
My account I geti alert ehhh

I don’t know why you love me so but I go still let the whole world know say na God over everything ohhh

Favour favour favour favour favour favour na my name ohhh (Twice)

Verse 2
See I am counting my blessings one by one
Mko’wa mme soma gi
Chiga eji chiga bor
You have done more than enough ohh
And still yet you dey do more
Onye kam bu oh
Chukwu be cherem echiche oma
With so much alacrity
I dey vibe to prosperity
I’m a winner
I am stronger
I’m a Victor ohhhhh
In my father’s house
Me am a prince
Favour is assured everyday ohhhh


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