Photo art of WorshipMob for Yahweh

Watch Video: Yahweh – WorshipMob Ft. Cross Worship [Download Mp3]

Listen and download “Yahweh (All Nations Music) the Official Lyric Video by WorshipMob and Cross Worship. Live recording at one of our WorshipMob’s recording retreats!

“Yahweh” not only just a name but a description of whom we serve. In Hebrew, Yahweh translates to, “He brings into Existence Whatever Exists” (Yahweh-Asher-Yahweh). He is the reason and the creator of ALL THINGS. All that we’ve known and all that we will ever know and discover is because of Yahweh. What better way can we describe the creator of all? Some would say, You’ve told me what He does and what he can do but Who is this Yahweh? Other translations bring into clarity that Yahweh can also mean, “HE IS”. Sometimes we get so caught up in our words of flattery, we forget how HE described Himself to Moses,. “I am who I am” Yahweh Was, IS, and Forever WILL BE whatever we NEED and Desire Him to BE. So we lift you high!” – Troy Culbreth


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