Watch Video: Ryan Stevenson – Mosaic [Audio + Lyrics]

Ryan Stevenson releases his latest music with a new single titled “Mosaic” The track was written by Stevenson and Bryan Fowler. The lyric video can be viewed below. “Mosaic” is available now on Deezer, Spotify and Aple Music.

Download Here


Looking at my past right now
Honestly I can’t see how any beauty could be underneath these ashes
Every place I’ve compromised, all the patterns of my life
There’s a million things I wish had never happened

It’s amazing how You take every mess up and mistake
Every broken frame and shattered place in me
Instead of throwing me away, You clean up every jagged shape and put a work of art together perfectly

Then you shine Your light, through my fractured lines
Nothing was wasted, You made a mosaic
A fascinating sight, in my fathers eyes,
A brand new creation, You made a mosaic

Such a beautiful design, so peculiar so divine
Every crack displays a different shade of mercy
When You hold it in hour hands, I’m like a child once again
and I’m overwhelmed by just how much You love me

Only You, only You
Only You can take these ashes and make something beautiful

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