Watch Video: James Tabrita – Love Never Fails ft. Lote [Audio + Lyrics]

Nigerian Gospel singer, James Tabrita releases his single titled “Loves never fails” featuring amazing music artist, Lote. This song was produced by Emex.

“God so loves us and HE gave HIS son. prophecy, faith, tongues, and other spiritual gifts will fail but God’s Love Never Fails” – James Tabrita.

Listen, download, and enjoy below

Download Here

How can the Son of man leave His throne
Just to die for a sinner man
A sinner man like me

You left your throne just to die for me and for everyone
And you paid the debt that we couldn’t pay
If it had not been for your love and your grace and your mercy
Nothing less, nothing more

Your love never fails (×3)
It’s exceptional
Your love never fails (×3)

Verse 2
If they had known, they would never crucify you
He would never had betrayed you
Cos your death has brought us joy
Shackles are broken
And the chains are broken
Now I can come boldly to the FATHER’S throne

Your love never fails (×3)
It’s exceptional
Your love never fails (×3)

You are the air that I breathe
You are the song on my lips
You are my everything
Odi gi onye di ka gi
You’re a giver of life
And I stand in awe of you Lord
Oh you are love
You love and I’ve taken more and more
More and more from your well Lord
From your love
From your well of love
From your well
and you give me more
More and more
More of your love

Love love love

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