“They Ate Their Father’s Head After He Was Murdered, They Have no Future” Mother Painfully Narrates

A woman has narrated how her children ate their father’s head unknowingly after it was placed in a pot of beans after their father was attacked by the rebels and cut into pieces.

The woman claims they were not at home when her husband was attacked and on returning home, the windows and doors had been broken and her husband brutally murdered and cut into small pieces.

She claims by that time her kids were young and they had no knowledge that their father was dead. They were hungry and they went directly into the pot with the pieces of their father’s head and they started eating the pieces of the head.

She claims after the children ate their father’s head they developed some behaviors which were not normal and upon taking them to the hospital the doctors had no solution to their problem.

The woman claims that she has been a laughing stock in her village since her children are now grown but they cannot help her in any way where firstborn is 31 and she does not talk and the secondborn, his work is only running away from home.

She claims her children do not have any future and she now wants them to go to a mental facility since she believes they are not normal but she has no money for their treatment.

She claims she will really appreciate if any well-wishers would help her take the kids to mental facility soo that they can be treated and go back to their normal life.

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