Often Have Toothache? Here’s how to fix it

Having a toothache is something that no one wants.

When you experience a toothache , a person’s activities will definitely be disturbed.

This will cause pain and discomfort in activities.

There are various ways that can be done to deal with toothache .

How to get rid of a toothache in the following 5 minutes you need to try so that you can still sleep optimally without being bothered by toothaches .

Usually, toothache is caused by a hole.

If not corrected immediately, the hole can cause other problems.

Sourced from Medical News Today (medicalnewstoday.com), toothache feels worse at night because there are no other activities to distract the body from toothache

In addition, Medical News Today also said that there was more blood flow to the head during sleep so that the pain was getting worse.

You can raise your head while sleeping so that the pain doesn’t feel too heavy.

In addition, you are also taking some of thefollowing toothache medications.

Pain medicine Dental

How to get rid of a toothache in 5 minutes, of course, use toothache medicine .

Medical News Today states that you can take toothache medications such as acetaminophen (tylenol) or ibuprofen.

These types of drugs can be used to treat toothaches that are not too severe.

However, make sure to still follow the rules of use listed.

If your tooth hurts a lot, contact your doctor immediately to get the right medicine.

Compress with cold water

Not only toothache medication , you can also do a way to get rid of a toothache in 5 minutes by using a cold water compress.

Quoting from Medical News Today, wrap ice cubes using a towel then attach it to the chin area with the aching tooth .

The compress will tighten the blood vessels so that the pain can be reduced.

Do this for 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed.

Gargle with salt water

Gargling with salt water is another 5-minute way to get rid of a toothache that you can try.

Salt water is high in antibacterial properties, which can reduce inflammation.

So, tooth decay due to infection is also reduced.

Residual food or other debris that gets between the teeth or gums can also be removed by gargling with salt water.


Cloves are herbal toothache remedies .

Cloves can be used as a way to get rid of toothaches in 5 minutes because of the eugenol content in them.

Reporting from Medical News Today, eugenol can reduce pain and inflammation due to toothache because of its function as an analgesic.

You can mash the cloves and mix them with water to form a paste.

Apply clove paste to the sore tooth .


Garlic is a natural ingredient that can be used for various diseases, including toothaches .

The allicin in garlic acts as an antibacterial.

How to get rid of a toothache in 5 minutes using garlic is quite easy. Chew raw garlic and place it for a few moments around the sore tooth

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