WARNING: If a Fly Has Ever Died In Your Food Or Drink, This is What You Need to Know…

Fly can mean different things for different cultures. It could mean luck or a bad thing that might happen. Some cultures believe that when a Fly lands on a glass or cup you’re currently drinking on, it means there’s a coming visitor.

Flies are often associated with death. This is because flies are decomposers, they feed on the dead, decaying animals, trash, and fecal. Flies are the dirtiest creatures, no matter how clean the house you’ll still find them oozing around.

According to the Bible, in the book of Ecclesiastes flies symbolizes the death of something. It is stated that there is time for everything under the sun if God has determined that you should let go of something but you still hold on.

Flies would appear to symbolize that what you’re holding on to is dead and you should let it go. Flies are the most hated insects because they stay in dirty places. And always around smelly things.

According to elders when a Fly dies in your drink or Food it usually serves as a warning that something bad might happen. Most likely someone close to you might poison your food to get you killed or for other purposes.

Some studies suggest that flies represent luck or a visitor. But flies are mostly associated with the negative things which make it hard to focus on the good things.

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