How To Get A Flat Belly In 2 Weeks

Are you tired of sucking your belly in just to fit into those awesome skinnies? Yeah, this is not a pleasant thing to do. Let’s achieve a flat stomach in a different. First of all, you need a strict regimen and positive thinking. Stick to your plan and think about how awesome that outfit will look on you at that party! Here are the best tips on how to get in attractive shape fast.

1) Avoid certain foods. 

A bloated stomach is unacceptable when the big and important day is coming. It could be a date, a serious business meeting, a job interview, or your wedding! So to prepare for it right, you need to eat responsibly at least 2 weeks before the event. It’s better to avoid such high-fiber foods as beans, pears, brussels sprouts, oatmeal. These are gas-producing meals that cause stomach bloating.

2) Get rid of sugar. 

Cutting sugar intake lowers the level of insulin. And the lower it is, the higher is glucagon – a hormone which turns your fat into energy. Try to eat less sweets, desserts, drink tea and coffee without sugar and you will feel you waistline getting thinner!

3) Eat more often. 

Eat More Often

Most of people eat 3 times a day, but who said it is right? Replace three large dishes with 5-6 small meals. Eat frequently every 2-3 hours. You will fill your stomach with half the food and it won’t look distended. Also, you will speed up your metabolism.

4) Water. 

Don’t forget to control your water intake. It is very important to maintain the right fluid balance, because you avoid water retention and feel full at the same time, so you will eat less. Add some lemon or mint leaves to your water to make the intake even healthier and tastier.

5) Fat burning foods and drinks. 

When it comes to losing fat, green tea in one of the best drinks that’s ever existed. Add some lemon and drink green tea before each workout. Make smoothies using your favorite fruits – smoothies are a good way to stay hydrated and full, increase muscle mass and gain important vitamins. Also, try to eat more fruits and veggies, ginger, spinach, eggs and nuts. 

6) No alcohol. 

You may follow all the tips mentioned above, but they won’t work if you drink alcohol along with them. Drinking alcohol makes you store more fat from the food you eat and slows the fat burning processes.

7)More cardio. 

Don’t forget about calorie melting workouts that will help you lose extra fat and keep you fit. This can be jogging, cycling or using an orbitrack training machine. But if you don’t have an opportunity to train these ways, at least try to walk more. Take a 50-minute walk 3-4 times a week and the results will be very apparent. Also, use stairs instead of elevator. 

8) Abs exercises. 

How to Get a Flat Belly in 2 Weeks 9

It is important to keep your abdominal muscles strong. Do crunches about 10 minutes per day 3 times a week and you will get a tighter, more toned tummy.

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