Elevation Rhythm – Walk on Water (Song Session) [Video + Lyrics]

Elevation Rhythm is a new worship team specifically geared towards youth. Watch the live music video for “Walk on Water: Song Session”.

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Verse 1
I’d rather slip walking on water
Than spend my life wondering what if
Lord if it’s you tell me to come
Cause you alone can tame the wildest wind

I know I can make it
Cause it was your voice that I heard
So I’m stepping out, I’m stepping out on your word

This is how you walk how you walk on water
One foot in front of the other
Never gonna let you go let you go under
One foot in front of the other

Verse 2
I got a faith deeper than feelings
Cause I know a Name that’s greater than the storm
I got a God who never ever fails me
He’s close enough to catch me if I fall

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