10 Things Men Like About Women More Than Just Her Good Looks

10 Things Men Like More Than Your Good Looks

If you think that sexy bodies and pretty faces are what attract men; think again! Here are 10 things men like more than good looks.

Should We Care So Much About What We Scrutinize Like?

Some women put so much effort into their appearance, that sometimes I find it quite scary! I mean, literally, there are women who have gone as far as to ‘re-create’ who they are through their appearance, so that when they are not ‘ready’ they look, and often even behave like completely different people. When a woman says she needs to go and “put her face on’ she will come back and look like a entirely different. Design-up and hair can often be like theatrical costumes that give a woman newfound confidence and personality. But what do men think about it all?

Well, the sad thing is that some men may not even realize how much effort some women put into ‘making themselves up’, and so they accept what a woman looks like with her full face of makeup because that is pretty much all they have seen. Often men find women more attractive without all the makeup though, simply because it is a different experience to what they are used to seeing, and a woman with no makeup on feels more raw and approachable, which is a turn on.

There are plenty of other things that men find attractive in a woman though, and some of these things have nothing to do with your physical appearance. Here are 10 things men like more than good looks

#1 A Wicked Sense of Humour

Men love a woman who they can have a good laugh with, and the dirty your sense of humour is, the better. I don’t necessarily mean sexual though, men enjoy a bit of sexy banter, but they also like a woman they can be them self around, and so if your sense of humour allows for this, you get top marks!

#2 Men Love your Flaws

All those little things you hate about yourself are probably all the things that turn your guy on! They are what make you unique, so why are you trying to hide them?

#3 A Woman Who Likes a Pint

What I’m trying to say here is that men like women who don’t have airs or graces. A girl who is comfortable to be herself and hang out, feeling relaxed with his friends is a keeper!

#4 A Kind and Caring Girlfriend

You might not have the perfect figure, or be the best cook, or amazing in bed; but if you are genuine and compassionate, your boyfriend will love that about you. You will make him feel loved and proud, and that is all any man can ask for.

#5 A Girl Who Gives Him His Space

You might be the hottest thing on the planet but if you can’t recognize when a guy needs his space, you will still be annoying. Respect a man’s right to privacy, and respect when he needs to assert himself as a man (i.e. hang out with the lads and do ‘men’ things) and he will want you more than a woman who is clingy and controlling.

#6 An Independent Woman

Men love to feel needed; they also get turned-on by women who don’t necessarily need them! It may sound like a contradiction but if you can demonstrate that you have your own life and that you love it, any man you are after will show their interest. Why? Because men love the ‘challenge’; and an independent woman is that challenge!

#7 Men Are Attracted to Confidence

You don’t have to be particularly good-looking to attract the attention of men; why do you thing that the plainest of women seem to get all the action? It is because they ooze confidence. A woman, who knows her worth, is interesting and sexy. Men want to get to know that woman better!

#8 A Woman Who Can Cook

It might seem a bit backwards to suggest that men like a woman who knows what she is doing in the kitchen, but the fact is that men want to feel good. They want to feel comfortable and looked-after. A woman who knows how to produce a satisfying meal with minimal effort is a woman who knows how to make her man happy. She is a homemaker, and that is essentially a very attractive trait to have! Homemakers are the women men want to settle down with.

#9 A Woman Who Is Intelligent

You don’t have to have several degrees and a high-flying career to tick this box. If you can form an opinion and back it up, you’re good to go. Men like a woman who knows what she thinks, and who can hold her ground in a debate without losing her rag. Display a man that you have a brains in that pretty head of your and suddenly you become a challenge – we all know how much men like a challenge!

#10 A Woman Who Is Open Minded

Ever wondered why plain Jane seems to be the hottest woman on earth all of a sudden? Whenever you see a woman who you may not think is very attractive, yet she is in a relationship with a man who dotes on her – don’t be too confused – she is probably a lot of fun behind closed doors. The good news is that you don’t have to be amazing in bed, or know what all the positions of the Karma Sutra to keep a man happy in the bedroom. You don’t have to be gorgeous or have the perfect body either. What you do need to have is an open mind. Girls who are open to experimentation, and enthusiastic to try new things in bed are like God’s gift to all men.

What Does Your Boyfriend Like About You, Other Than Your Excellent Scrutinizes?

Ask your boyfriend what he loves about you and then tell us in the comments section below. Let’s prove that there are plenty of things men love about women, aside from what they look like!

The more you understand yourself, the more silence there is, the healthier you are. —Maxime Lagacé

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