Download End Times By Ugotone [mp3 + Lyrics]

Ugotone is a Nigerian music evangelist who is passionate about using music as a tool to bring mankind to the consciousness of God’s love and faithfulness to humanity.

Ugotone drops another track titled
End Times” which is the last track on his debut album (EP) released in the year June 2019.
It was written in line with directives of the holy spirit.
The track highlights the call to be alert to the tell tale signs across the globe that prove that we are in the end of days. It seeks for all to be prepared spiritually (in righteousness and holiness) before the trumpet sounds for the biblical event of rapture.

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Lyrics: End Times By Ugotone

Intro: No time, see the signs, no time, uh-uh, the time is now.
Verse one:
Yes, everybody in the house, I wan make all of una put una ear for ground because the story when I wan tell una for now, no be something wey una go use to play, at all, at all.
See I dey worried for the souls wey dey perish, truth of the matter, rapture dey for corner. Take a look around you, its not hidden, earthquakes and hurricanes like Armageddon, brother shine your eyes, try to realise, time is running out on us, biko be wise. I see no love in the city, fake prophets abound everywhere and they ain’t going anywhere. (listen)! Come on, come on.

Verse 2
The spread of anarchy is quite evident, global crisis with us like a resident, bent minds like a sickle, kill a brother for nickle, same sex marriage now made official. Time to renew your mind, pursue the things of light for the gift of the afterlife. How come when you try to evangelise people keep a straight face and they wish you never rise. The great Apocalypse, caging the souls of men forming dark clouds, eclipse! Who ever heard of global warming, economic melt down is the trend in town, what!

Verse 3
North to west and down south to the east, don’t be deceived, see the rising of the beast, heaven and hell is real, repent and give your life to Christ, cos he remains the real deal. This message is a wake up pill, do a bit of soul searching, fire in ya soul blaze, erase, all satanic institutions, gospel on the street be the word revolution. No cross, no crown, we need a new generation of men on fire for the kingdom, yeah. So if you’re down with the mission, your hands in the air, Zion train dey for air.


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