Download “Alpha And Omega” by Lucky Luke 

Sing Hallelujah to the most High God for His Name is above other names.

Download Alpha And Omega by Lucky Luke, this song describes the personality of God, His Greatness and Faithfulness, Sing Hallelujah.

Produced by Dabliz of Tritone Studio

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Contact; +234-803-495-4907


Elohim You are the most high GOD,

The great I am,

Adonai, You cannot change

Nothing is too hard for thee,

Tdsikenu, The LORD our righteousness,

Most glorious, Your name is above other names

Verse 1

You are alpha and omega

The beginning and the end

All creations Your name will adore

Glory to Your holy name

From the rising of the sun

To the going down the same

Your great and mighty wonders

In all the earth

All eyes can see to testify

Repeat chorus

Verse 2

You are the giver of salvation

The Redeemer, awesome ruler

You are Jireh, all-sufficient GOD

You are worthy to be praised

JEHOVAH Rapha Mighty healer

The Rock, the Solid rock on which we stand

You are ever  Faithful and ever sure

Same yesterday, today, forever more


(Halleluyah) repeatedly

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