Download ‘You Are God’ by Lucky Luke prod by Dabliz.

Now out ‘You Are God’ by Lucky Luke, Talented gospel misnister/singer has released this great worship song for everyone who loves to worship God. God is the only reigning king HALLELUJAH. 

Produced by Dabliz of Tritone Studio

Contact: +234-803-495-4907

Click Here to DOWNLOAD

Lyrics of song:


You are GOD,

ForeverYou will be 

The only reigning king 



Your kingdom rules and reigns eternally

Stretch forth to uphold

All who come to You

You are GOD alone,

None else can take your place 

We worship You and declare that You are GOD

Repeat Chorus 2wice


Your Love and grace

Our strength is resting on

And stains of sin by blood are cleansed

For You are GOD alone 

None else can take Your place 

We worship You and declare that You are GOD

Repeat Chorus twice


Solo: The one who made all things by His power You are GOD

Response;You are GOD

The land,the sea,the hills,the mountains 

You are GOD

You made the blind to see,the lame walk,

You raise the dead,

A,nd by Your power and grace,

You heal the stench of blood,


You are GOD of all creation,

Strong and Mighty awesome wonder oh GOD,

Lord all power in Heaven and earth,

Bow before your throne,

That’s the reason You are GOD and reign on High…..


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